When you donate to Serra Foundation of Canada you touch not only the life of a single vocation discerner, but countless lives of faithful who will be baptized, married, consoled, forgiven, nourished, and ministered to in the countless ways priests, consecrated religious and deacons do every day in Canada.

Watch this 4-minute video for instructions on how to offer a Mass card.

Serra International is not a fundraising organization. Serra’s primary methods for promoting and affirming vocations to the priesthood, religious life and diaconate are prayers and actions. The Foundation’s role is to financially support and complement those prayers and actions.

Objectives of the Serra Foundation of Canada

  • To fund programs that foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood of the Catholic Church in Canada as a particular vocation to service, and to support priests in their sacred ministry; and
  • To fund programs of formation for men and women in consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church in Canada; and
  • To enhance the recognition of Serra International and Serra in Canada as the lay apostolate for vocations in the Catholic Church.

Memorial & Special Intention Mass Cards & Mass eCards

MEMORIAL MASS CARDS/MASS ECARDS – Families are comforted in their sorrow by the gift of a Memorial Mass where their loved one will be remembered at a special Mass celebrated by the Episcopal Advisor of the Serra Council for Canada/Serra Conseil Canadien.   

SPECIAL INTENTION MASS CARDS/MASS ECARDS  – A wonderful way to honour someone – instead of the usual present for a birthday, get well, ordination, priest anniversary, wedding anniversary or other occasion – why not give that special person a Thinking of You or other special occasion Mass card- a unique gift with the knowledge that they will be remembered at a special Mass celebrated by the Episcopal Advisor of the Serra Council for Canada/Serra Conseil Canadien.  

Family and friends of both those who send the Mass cards/Mass eCards and the recipients of the Mass cards/Mass eCards can join in and participate in livestreamed Serra Foundation Mass Card Masses celebrated throughout the year.  The livestreamed Mass Card Masses can be viewed at any time in the comfort of your home where you can join in the prayers for the recipients of the Mass cards. Watch the Serra Canada Masses now.

St. Junipero Serra Canada Vocations Mission

Serrans, through daily prayers and charitable giving, are on a “mission” of promoting and affirming vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  With this sense of “mission” the Serra Foundation established the St. Junipero Serra Canada Vocations Mission to provide financial support for its “mission” of promoting and affirming vocations to the priesthood and religious life in Canada.

You can contribute to the Mission at any time! Donate now!

Serra Foundation of Canada
244 Gracefield Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6L 3C2

Each June, all Serrans will receive a personal invitation to designate part of their charitable giving to St. Junipero Serra Canada Vocations Mission, culminating on Canada Day, July 1, the Feast day of St. Junipero Serra.  

All donations to St. Junipero Serra Canada Vocations Mission, whenever received, will be used to promote and affirm vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated religious life in Canada. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Planned Giving Program

Planned giving offers Serrans the opportunity to perpetuate their values beyond their own lifetimes. It is also an opportunity for Serrans to make gifts that are larger than what they can afford in their lifetimes. Most planned gifts are simple bequests made by a will specifically directing a portion of the estate to Serra Foundation of Canada. Serra Foundation of Canada, a registered charity, will issue a charitable donation receipt for the full value of your gift which can be used to offset income taxes owing by your estate. Read about the Planned Giving Program – Serra Foundation of Canada.

Serra Priest Florida Retreat Program

Serra Foundation of Canada undertook the Serra Priest Florida Retreat Program where priests of the Archdiocese of Toronto have a place to go to in Florida for a break or for a few days off. Read more about the Serra Florida Retreat program.

What Serra Foundation of Canada Has Funded

Thanks to the generous support of donors, Serra Foundation of Canada is able to assist Canada Council of Serra International’s mission and ministry to foster and affirm vocations to the ordained priesthood, vowed religious life and diaconate by funding programs that bring more “fellow laborers with Christ” to His harvest.

Since its inception in 2002, the Serra Foundation of Canada has approved over $1 million of grant requests towards numerous programs and activities for the formation and training of priests and consecrated religious and deacons including seminaries across Canada, Canadian Diocesan Vocations Offices, seminary programs of discernment, Canadian Diocesan and Religious Vocations Directors and other vocation activities in Canada.

The Annual Donor Report outlines the grant requests that Serra Foundation of Canada funded each year including a summary of the Financial Position of Serra Foundation of Canada (These are large 2-5MB files): 

Serra Foundation of Canada BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The Serra Foundation of Canada is governed by a 17 member Board of Directors which is the governing body and responsible for all matters relating to governance, policy, investments and all grant requests. All board members are volunteers and no one receives any salary or any other form of remuneration..

John Patrick (“JP”) Savage

Michael Pasquale

Steve D’Agostini

Immediate Past President
Mario Biscardi

Vila Nova Carvalho
George Damiani, K.C.
Julian Fantino
John Gennaro
Celeste Iacobelli
Anthony Mangione
Dr. Matthew McQueen
Dr. Moira McQueen
Fran Pulumbarit
Lou Reitzel
Marissa Perez Roldan
Rose Savage

Honorary Directors
Lorne Beauchamp

Episcopal Advisor
His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbshop Emeritus of Toronto