1. Go back to old fashion contact: Write a letter to a seminarian, one a week for 4 weeks. Send physical letters; they are more personal than e-mails
  2. Consecrate your Club to Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  3. Keep recruiting. Contact local Pastors, especially those who have a heart for vocations, and ask for prospective members.
  4. Have a virtual wine and cheese to recruit prospective members
  5. Stay in touch with club members, Pastors and Priests by phone. Every Parish in your Diocese should know Serra.
  6. Encourage members to reach out to each other
  7. Continue having Board meetings via Zoom, GoToMeeting or by Free Conference Call.   
  8. Continue planning for activities for the year
  9. Installation of officers is important; do not drop it. Make it virtual if necessary.
  10. Present Condensed Talks/topics from Serra Rally into 20 to 25- minute presentations for virtual meetings
  11. Continue the Seven Serrans prayer teams for Vocation Directors
  12. Reach out to Club members via Zoom, listen to them.  Compile a list of activities for the local diocese.
  13. Set up a Club platform in Zoom or GoToMeeting so members can see each other.  Note:  The person who has the platform must be able to help other club members with the program so that the members can be assisted in joining the meetings. 
  14. Continue adoration if your diocese has a location that is currently open
  15. Use materials found in the Handbook for Serrans and in the Manual on the Call to Holiness in meetings via technology
  16. Focus activities on supporting the promotion of vocations in the family, the domestic church 
  17. Continue monthly contacts with members by phone calls, newsletter
  18. Remind officers of the deadline of reports, keep a regular, though adapted, club schedule going
  19. Encourage members to attend Holy Hour on-line
  20. Visit the http://Serraus.org or https://serracanada.com/ website, and watch inspiring talks, or listen to the Pope’s inspirational message to Serrans.
  21. Encourage members to join the Serra International monthly Rosary for Vocations, the last Saturday of every month. 
  22. Always Forward Never Back is a good resource for new ideas.  Make sure all members are signed up to receive this resource. 
  23. Do fun things for priests like sending a video with message of support and gratitude.
  24. Remind Club President to continue holding Board meetings
  25. Divide officers to call Serrans to see how they are doing and to keep in touch
  26. Clubs must reach out to priests.  Especially those in remote, rural communities. 
  27. Share your special club activities in response to the Corona Virus with other Clubs
  28. Do a stay at home catechesis for the club once a month. There are lesson plans available.  Meet weekly. 
  29. Keep thinking of vocations and how your club can uniquely support and affirm them. 
  30. Do something for the priests like taking them meals or sending gift cards.
  31. Pray the rosary for Vocation Directors.
  32. Invite Serrans to pray the Special Corona Novena for Vocations during the Corona Virus. Pray the prayer from Pope Francis https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2020-03/pope-francis-prayer-our-lady-protection-coronavirus.html
  33. Call your club chaplain and ask for spiritual direction and inspiration.  Ask him to send out regular prayers and meditations.
  34. Webinars are good, keep us connected.  Use them more. 
  35. Send cards to priests, sisters, seminarians, retired priests.
  36. Send a personal letter of support to your Bishop. (e-mail not recommended for this step.)
  37. Make sure to attend USA Council or Serra Canada training webinars.
  38. Send Spiritual Bouquet to the Bishop, priests, seminarians, religious.  Count the prayers.  
  39. District Governors, have a monthly District meeting with a speaker, invite all club members.
  40. Review the SerraSpark.org website for new ideas for this coming year.  Implement at least one new program. 
  41. Keep your focus on Jesus.
  42. Send out uplifting messages to members and priests on a regular basis
  43. Start a virtual 31 club with your parish. 
  44. Club officers, brainstorm with other officers of area Serra clubs. 
  45. Get members organized and keep them informed
  46. Share the positive values of Serra’s mission with others.
  47. Send letters of support to those who are scheduled to be ordained as deacons and priests this year.
  48. Communication is now most important.  
48 Ideas your Serra Club can do today to stay active and strengthen your Club during the COVID-19 shut-down