We are all called by God and our Holy Father to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life. You and I have been called. Thank you for answering the call.

You are probably already doing much of the work Serrans do!

  • You pray for priests
  • You encourage young people to consider priesthood or religious life
  • You support your pastor
  • You invite religious into your homes
  • You invite religious to relax at golf, cards, ski etc.
  • You serve in your parish as lectors, catechists, ushers
  • You belong to social action groups


There are advantages of belonging to any organization which meets regularly.

  • We have the support of like minded members and are able to work together with our priests and bishops
  • Belonging to an International organization gives an opportunity to work for the church worldwide
  • We often need the support and advice of others.
  • Larger projects need more members
  • We answer our call to promote a culture of vocations.
  • It is an opportunity for us to grow spiritually
  • Regular speakers at meetings keep us informed



The first requisite of a Serran is to realize the power of prayer. Serra has many forms of prayer to promote vocations in the parish and at home

Be aware

This is a mind set that keeps Serrans focused on the need to promote vocations whenever or wherever the opportunity arises

Affirm and Support

We all should recognize the need to support our priests and religious. There are many ways of doing this. Serra has many ideas for support.

A favourite sport of Catholics is to criticize their priests and religious. It is important that there is someone, a Serran, there to speak on their behalf.


Serra clubs usually meet twice a month.

The format of the meeting is

  • Gathering
  • Mass
  • Meal
    Jesus shared his life with the people of his time and it is over a meal that Serrans can share their lives and
    get to know each other
  • Presentation, often a speaker
    One purpose of having a speaker is to learn more about our faith and an opportunity to have questions answered.

Serrans also take part in

  • Parish Holy Hour for Vocations
  • Parish prayer (Club 31)
  • Diocesan Vocation Mass
  • Serra Club Holy Hour for Vocations
  • Altar Servers’ Awards Ceremony
  • Ordinandi Dinner
  • Priest Appreciation Dinner
  • Parish Vocation Committees
  • Parish Visitations
  • Christmas Banquet for Sisters
  • Visitation to the High Schools with Vocation materials
  • Dinners/Barbeques for religious
  • Christmas celebrations for religious.
  • Golf/Ski outings for religious
  • Joint meetings between clubs