What Council Does

The first Serra Club chartered outside of the USA was the Serra Club of Toronto Downtown, Canada in 1952 and it remains very active today. In June 2000 the Canada Council of Serra International was established to represent Serra International in Canada and to respond to the particular needs of our clubs and its members as they work for the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life in Canada. The Board of Canada Council is responsible for the promotion of Serra in Canada by assisting clubs in their work of fostering and promoting vocations and by encouraging the formation of new clubs. The long term objective of the Council is to have a Serra club in every diocese in Canada.

Members of the Board 2023/2024

  • His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins
    Archbishop Emeritus of Toronto, Episcopal Adviser
  • Fran Pulumbarit
  • Joseph Gennaro
    President Elect 
  • Gary MacDonald
  • Secretary
  • Maria Luz Manalo
  • Interim Treasurer
  • Anthony (“Tony”) Mangione
  • Past President
  • Vacant
    District Governor, Maritimes and Quebec
  • Gary MacDonald
    District Governor, Ontario
  • Vacant
  • District Governor, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Susan Berdusco
  • District Governor, Alberta and British Columbia
  • Trustee for Programs
  • Anna Mangione
  • Trustee for Vocations
  • Felisa (“Baby”) Pulumbarit
  • Trustee for Membership
  • Regina Choromanskis
  • Trustee for Communications
  • Patrick Portelli
  • Dr. Moira McQueen
    Serra International Board Representative
  • Mario Biscardi
  • President, Serra Foundation of Canada

Past Presidents

  • Anthony (“Tony”) Mangione
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Dr. Moira McQueen
    Burlington, Ontario
  • Guy Coughlin (Deceased)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Vince Primucci
    Vaughan, Ontario
  • Lorne Beauchamp
    Vancouver, B.C.
  • Vila Nova Carvalho
    Vancouver, B.C.
  • Jim King
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Lee Hishon
    Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
  • John Plunkett (Deceased)
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Allan Calvert – Founding President
    Hamilton, Ontario