Diocese and Bishop

Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth – Archbishop Anthony Mancini

Upcoming Events

Meeting Times and Location

Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month except during July and August. These take place at the Pastoral Centre located at 1531 Grafton Street located in downtown Halifax. Schedules time is from 11-12:15 so that members can attend the scheduled mass at the Basilica for 12:15. We made a decision to have lunch on special occasions only.

Annual Dues

Currently we are asking $75 which includes membership fees for Serra International. Any meals we have are paid for separately and as we develop and assess our needs our fees may possibly change.

Annual Club Activities

We are a work in progress – the only one we are setting for this year will be a dinner to celebrate the anniversary of receiving our charter. As we set new goals they will be posted.



SERRA Halifax is very happy to announce that they have in place their second Vocations Chalice as we have named it. This chalice is on loan to us from our Archbishop Mancini. It was presented to Saint Thomas Moore Parish in Dartmouth on April29th to Father Toochukwu Okafor who in turn presented it to the first parishioner to take it home.

She was very honored and excited .After mass all the parishioners had the opportunity to pick the name of a priest from the chalice-take it home and pray for that priest the rest of the week. This will happen each weekend when a new family gets to take the Vocations Chalice home.

There is a journal to accompany the chalice in which the family may write how they feel about having the chalice in their home. I have included an excerpt from a journal from the other parish where they are now using the chalice of their first pastor as their vocations chalice.

Words are inadequate to express what I felt in my heart when I took possession of our parish chalice for the week. I felt a peace and a presence which is difficult to describe. I have been present at Mass many times when this chalice was used for the Consecration. This fact alone is so inspiring and every time I recite the prayers I feel that I am surrounded by past, present and future priests and their faithful supporters. Only good can result from this positive approach to bringing more holy men of God to us.



List of Officers

  • President – Sharon MacKinnon – serrahalifax2017@gmail.com
  • Vice-President-Vocations – Margo Burke
  • Vice President-Programmes – George Simms
  • Chair-Communications – Margaret Moody
  • Chair-Membership – Marcel Arsenault
  • Treasurer – Sharon MacKinnon
  • Recording Secretary – Margo Burke
  • Spiritual Advisor – Father Francesco Pirisi (FOH)